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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Journey to Joy

I've experienced more change in the last eighteen months of my life than in all the previous *ahem* decades.  Not one was a chosen change, they were thrust upon me by my health, the health of a family member, the death of a young child I loved and an ineludible resignation from a job that was my whole heart.  I am extremely grateful to be healthy, but have wandered a bit in this season of my life without employment and with a profound sense of loss.  With plenty of time to experiment, feeling coziest when in the kitchen, and with a burst of imaginative energy, one result was developing a passion for paletas.

My introduction to paletas was at Las Paletas in Nashville, TN, where my younger son attends college.  A friend, who had formerly lived in Nashville, recommended purchasing paletas as frequently as possible, and after tasting their delights, I have happily complied!  It is 600 miles to Nashville from my house, so a plan began to formulate. 

This summer with succulent fruit available and the Texas heat at an all-time high, it seemed that creating homemade paletas was in order.  I do not speak Spanish and have never visited Latin America.  For now, this will do!