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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring Spruce

Have you ever experienced a need to spruce?  At our house, the last few months have added two remodeled baths and the best fix up of all: a new daughter-in-love!  But, once a desire for a new environment begins, it may be difficult to know where to end.  Last summer a tiny mama bird made her own little nest in my mesh wreath, and though I was more than happy to help hatch her babies, it left my old wreath unusable. So, I spent today making a sweet spring wreath.  The only thing I found challenging in making my door decor was choosing among all the pretty things!  They must be coordinated and edited, but oh, it is sad to leave items unpurchased at the hobby store!

After spending almost an hour making choices, and finding to my delight, that everything was 50% off (so why not buy twice as much!?!), I started with a gorgeous plaid ribbon featuring warm greens, white and turquoise blue with a touch of gray.  I prefer wired ribbon since it is will hold a bendy shape.  Once I found the ribbon, it was easy to spy coordinating flowers, berries and the featured item for the wreath: a whimsical metal cage complete with a little songbird.  I had decided on a square wreath before the shopping trip.

If you would like to spruce for spring too, here are the tools and steps:

Assemble your purchased items for the wreath, a pair of sharp scissors, a glue gun, some floral wire and craft/jewelry wire cutters.

Spend some time placing your chosen pieces on the wreath.  It may take a few different placements before it strikes your eye as pleasing!

Once you like the way your wreath looks, snip your floral wire to secure the larger pieces and use the glue gun to tack down any loose ends.  Give it a good shake to be certain nothing falls off!

This time, I made a fabric "hanger" for the wreath from the plaid ribbon and some blue burlap to add a bit of color.  I placed it on my over-the-door hook, and now, my spring spruce is ceased!