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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Journey to Joy

I've experienced more change in the last eighteen months of my life than in all the previous *ahem* decades.  Not one was a chosen change, they were thrust upon me by my health, the health of a family member, the death of a young child I loved and an ineludible resignation from a job that was my whole heart.  I am extremely grateful to be healthy, but have wandered a bit in this season of my life without employment and with a profound sense of loss.  With plenty of time to experiment, feeling coziest when in the kitchen, and with a burst of imaginative energy, one result was developing a passion for paletas.

My introduction to paletas was at Las Paletas in Nashville, TN, where my younger son attends college.  A friend, who had formerly lived in Nashville, recommended purchasing paletas as frequently as possible, and after tasting their delights, I have happily complied!  It is 600 miles to Nashville from my house, so a plan began to formulate. 

This summer with succulent fruit available and the Texas heat at an all-time high, it seemed that creating homemade paletas was in order.  I do not speak Spanish and have never visited Latin America.  For now, this will do!


  1. These look yummy! Will try to make some soon.

  2. I've never heard of paletas before but they look like the perfect summer treat. Great photos too!


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