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Monday, July 25, 2011

Perfection Not Required

One of the primary reasons I love creating paletas, aside from the fruity, frosty goodness, is that perfection is not required! In fact, if perfection is your pursuit, you might want to move along. Creating paletas means putting aside plans and recipes in favor of daily discovery. My next few posts will explain why.

For most paletas, fresh ingredients are required, meaning intriguing jaunts to the local produce stand and farmers market. But sometimes, I merely make a mundane stop by the grocery store to purchase what is ripe and juicy. Arriving, I might dream of concocting tangy blueberry paletas, only to find sugary watermelons in full fruit. I cannot make blueberry paletas without supplies. I must choose from what is before me.
sandía paleta de menta

Of late, I've unearthed a life lesson here. With resigning from a beloved job, my existence has changed dramatically. I've been bombarded with watermelon when I had my heart set on blueberries. For a while, I refused to taste the sweetness of the red fruit, or note the beauty in the contrast of the dark green rind and shiny black seeds. I wasn't grateful for provision; I thought only blueberries would sustain me until I realized I must choose from the options given.

Putting together paletas parallels life, requiring not perfectly made plans, but discerning the possibilities in each new day, finding succor and discovering joy in its goodness. This season is all the sweeter for it, and I am thankful!


  1. You have inspired me to go and buy some Popsicle molds so I can try these delightful sounding treats! I'm so happy you started a blog. I love to read about other people's passions and inspirations!

  2. I'm so glad to hear it, Carrie! Thank you. :)


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